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Combine Engineering and Business Courses

The M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering lets students combine engineering and business courses for a world-class interdisciplinary curriculum that fits individual interests and career choices.


Excellent reputation

The MSE program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison meshes the best attributes of one of the country's top engineering colleges with one of America's most highly ranked business schools.



Manufacturing Systems Engineering
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Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) - A Master of Science (M.S.) Degree Program

In a global marketplace, creating and maintaining competitive advantages is the key to success. Today's industry leaders must satisfy customers' expectation for high quality products while dealing with the realities of soaring energy prices and increasing global competition. Cross-functional engineers, equipped with a solid technical background, a firm grasp of business matters, and ready to lead diverse teams, are the future of world-class manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison has prepared engineers for the challenges and opportunities of modern manufacturing for more than 25 years. Founded in 1983 as the first program in the United States to offer a master's degree in the field, MSE has been recognized internationally as a leading provider of versatile engineers for today's dynamic global manufacturing firms.

The MSE degree provides a solid foundation for individuals seeking to manage manufacturing operations in internationally competitive environments. The highly flexible curriculum includes a wide variety of engineering and business claMSEs. It allows MSE graduates to build the cross-functional expertise required to drive creative product development, efficient production and timely delivery to the customer.

Ninety-nine percent of MSE graduates accept permanent positions by graduation day. The majority of MSE graduates quickly rise to higher-level managerial positions.